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Celebrating National Tea Day with Dorset Tea

National Tea Day is more than just a day; it’s a celebration of one of Britain’s most beloved traditions—tea drinking. As we mark this special occasion, there is no better way to commemorate than with Dorset Tea! 

Sunshine In Every Cup

Every 'cup of sunshine' has a delicious twist and tastes as good as the sunshine makes you feel! Dorset Tea has been inspired by the coast and countryside of our great county. This National Tea Day, let's delve into what makes Dorset Tea stand out in the world of tea, transforming every tea break into a moment of tranquillity and pure enjoyment.

Crafted with Care

Dorset Tea’s commitment to quality is evident in each tea leaf selected. Sourced from the finest gardens, the tea leaves are blended to create a perfect harmony of flavour and aroma. our award-winning Sunshine Blend, for example, is a testament to Dorset Tea’s dedication to preserving the traditional golden flavours that tea lovers cherish.

A Blend for Every Taste

Whether you’re a fan of a strong, bold cup of black tea or prefer the subtle floral notes of a green tea, Dorset Tea has something for everyone. Our range extends from the full-bodied to the delicate and calming, including herbal varieties that cater to those looking for a caffeine-free alternative. Our Cool Camomile is perfect for those looking for a cuppa before bed or our Wild About Mint makes a perfect after dinner tea! 

Sustainability at Our Core

In the spirit of National Tea Day, it’s important to recognise not just the taste but also the ethical aspects of tea production. Dorset Tea prides itself on its sustainable practices, from ethical sourcing (our tea is Rainforest Alliance Certified) to eco-friendly packaging (biodegradable teabags and recyclable cartons), ensuring that each cup not only tastes good but also contributes positively to the environment.

Caring For Our Community 

To give back to the wonderful county that inspired us to start, we have partnered with local community groups. This year we've extended our partnership with Home-Start Wessex. We'll be aiding their volunteer training day and enabling them to support even more families in need. Look out for our Communi-Tea news coming soon too. We've got Dorset's most beloved baker on board, Maggie the Seaside Baker. Together we'll be baking and chatting to entertain guests from Age UK Dorset! 

How to Celebrate National Tea Day with Dorset Tea

Host a Tea Tasting Party

Gather friends and family and host a tea tasting party. Line up a variety of Dorset Tea blends, from our Sunshine Blend to our fruit and herbal offerings, and discover the subtle differences and unique flavours of each. Pair the teas with traditional British snacks like scones, clotted cream, and jams for an authentic experience.

Make Time For a Cup Of You Time! 

Take a moment for yourself this National Tea Day. Find a quiet spot, perhaps by a window with a view of the garden or tucked into a cosy corner with a good book, and brew yourself a perfect cup of Dorset Tea. Let the aroma and flavours transport you to the serene landscapes of Dorset.

Share the Love

Tea is meant to be shared. This National Tea Day, why not send a gift of Dorset Tea to someone you care about? Whether they’re near or far, a selection of fine teas is a wonderful way to show you’re thinking of them. Our Discovery Box is perfect! 

Learn About Tea

Use National Tea Day as an opportunity to learn more about your favourite beverage. Explore the origins of different blends, the proper brewing techniques, and the history of tea in Britain. Dorset Tea’s blog and social media platforms are great resources for becoming a tea aficionado.

A Cup Above the Rest

As we celebrate National Tea Day, we're going to raise our cups to well, yes, ourselves - Dorset Tea! We love what we do as we spread cupsof sunshine across the nation while embodying the spirit of sustainable, thoughtful tea production. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a well-made cup of tea with us — not just today, but every day.

Happy National Tea Day!