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Do you want to know what is really in your tea bags?

 At Dorset Tea, we love the environment as much as we love a good cup of tea.

In 2020 we finally made our change to biodegradable tea bags, from an oil based plastic to a plant based plastic, made from wood pulp and corn starch. Once this change was made, we sent our tea bags to Dr Andrew Mayes from the University of East Anglia, who features on the BBC War on Plastic in September 2020.

Dr Andrew Mayes has devised an experiment to see what plastic is left from a tea bag by placing it in a copper amonium solution for 5 days. In this video you will see the difference as Dr Mayes compares the old Dorset Tea tea bags to the new biodegradable Dorset Tea tea bags. Watch here to learn more of what really is in your tea bags.