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Lady Grey

A classy cocktail with our Earl Grey Tea.

Make yourself a pot of Earl Grey Tea. Enjoy a few cups and pour the remainder of the strong brew into a jug to cool. Meanwhile prepare to make the following:


50ml Dry Gin (Recommend Conker Gin)

35ml Strong Brewed Cold ‘Dorset Tea’ Earl Grey

15ml Simple Syrup

Half Lemon Squeezed

1 Whole Egg


Crack an egg and pour the egg white only into a shaker. Then add remaining ingredients into your shaker. Fill Shaker ¾ with Ice. Shake hard for 15 seconds. Using a tea strainer, strain out the liquid to remove the ice and return mixture back to the shaker. Shake again with no ice for a further 10 seconds. Strain drink into a martini glass.


Using a small knife slice off the lemon peel to produce a small rectangle shaped piece. Turn over the peel, using the knife slice off the white bitter pith. Next bend the lemon peel and squeeze scent over the cocktail and place on top.

 Sit back, relax and enjoy!